7/26/2014 – Day of Discovery – Renaissance Hotel – AAAP


Valet parking available only on the West side of the building at Lobby Entrance.  For unloading heavier equipment please use the Loading Dock (anywhere along the Ft. Duq. Blvd side of the hotel) to unload and enter through the sidewalk freight elevator.  Carts are available to make your way through the basement to the freight elevator and up  to the 14th floor for setup on the balcony.  The Balcony the AAAP will be setting up on is inside the green box on the map below.  After unloading please pull car around to Valet parking area; I believe we can have our member parking taken care of by the hotel.  Ronda would prefer AAAP members to be setup by 4:00 pm on the 14th floor Suite / Balcony (Rm 1401 & 1402 I believe?)   Dress is flexible but black pants / nice shirt would be appreciated.  (They’d rather have you there in jeans than not there at all.)  Ronda should be able to get free drinks for us.

Please note that beyond the 5 – 6 pm VIP hour that the event will be open to the public at no charge with a cash bar.



AAAP – Telescope and Information Tables

AAAP Can setup telescopes on the ~ 18×18 foot balcony highlighted in the map image above.  The adjoining suite which provides access to the balcony will be setup with a bar & hors d’oeuvres andwill also feature any tables for AAAP information we want as well as additional easels with astrophotography and/or AAAP posters / promotional material.  We are allowed and encouraged to have membership forms and any other information or promotional material we wish.


Bill Snyder Astrophotography Installation

Large framed work to be installed at the following highlighted locations in the main lobby of the hotel.  DJ, projection screens playing Undaunted, and 3 TV screens playing slideshows / astronomy related material will be located here.  Easels will also display smaller astrophotography.  Initial setup is scheduled for Weds 10:30 am 7/25/2014.

Facebook Global Day of Discovery StarGazing event invite


Contact Information

Ronda Zegarelli

Acrobatique | Creative Branding Boutique



mobile: 412-303-6456


Noelle Rolwes
Account Manager
Acrobatique | Creative Branding Boutique

Cell: 314.808.7477

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  1. I will come, but probably arrive around 4:30 because I’m coming from work. My 60 mm Coronado scope is quick to set up, but I’d like to have the southernmost corner of the balcony in order to get the longest look at the sun.

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