Jan 212024



M78 / NGC 2068 Reflection nebula in Orion.  FSQ-106ED with QHY268C


NGC 1333 – A Reflection nebula in Perseus.  FSQ-106ED with QHY268C


NGC 2264 – The Christmas Tree / Cone Nebula in the constellation Monoceros.  FSQ-106ED with QHY268C


M45 aka The Pleiades, The Seven Sisters, Subaru (ever noticed the Subaru car logo?)  FSQ-106ED with QHY268C


Auriga: The Flaming Star, The Tadpoles, The Spider and Fly Nebula… Canon R6 with Rokinon 135mm


The Witches Head in Orion – Truly a difficult target and I pushed harder than the skies allowed.  Canon R6 with Rokinon 135mm


Best Meteor of the Night!

Jan 212024

NGC 281 / IC 11 / Sh2-184 – Commonly called the Pacman Nebula. Located in the Perseus Spiral Arm of the Milkyway. Taken over multiple nights totally 26 hours of total emission line exposure time from Clinton, TN.

Close up crop showing some of the interesting Bok Globules; dark nebulas of dense cosmic dust and gas from which new star formation can begin.

Jan 202024

Sh2-261 AKA Lower’s Nebula – 10 Hours of Exposure time from Clinton, TN

Sh2-261, also called Lower’s Nebula in honor of Harold and Charles Lower who discovered it in 1939,  is located between the Orion and Perseus arms of the Milkyway.  It is dominated by H-alpha emission with little O[III] emission.

Dec 102022


IC 348 FSQ-106ED Scope with QHY268C Camera on AP900GTO Mount, 5.67 Hours Total Exposure


IC 348 Annotated


NGC 1788, FSQ-106ED Scope with QHY268C Camera on AP900GTO Mount, 8 hours total exposure


NGC 1788 Annotated


NGC1333 -AP92 Stowaway Scope with ZWO ASI533C camera on Atlas Mount, 6.1 hours total exposure


NGC 1333 Annotated



NGC 7293 - The Helix Nebula

NGC 7293 – The Helix Nebula: AP92 Stowaway Scope, ZWO ASI533C camera, Atlas Mount. 4 hours total exposure time.


NGC 7293 – The Helix Nebula Annotated


IC 405 – The Flaming Star Nebula. AP92 Stowaway Scope, ZWO ASI533C Camera, Atlas EQ-G Mount. 7.9 Hours total exposure.


IC 405 Annotated


NGC 7822 – FSQ-106ED Scope with QHY268C Camera on AP900GTO Mount, 4.1 hours total exposure


NGC 7822 Annotated



Jul 162022

AP130GTX with QHY268M CMOS Camera on AP1200GTO Mount. Total Exposure time of ~17.5 hours comprised of 105 x 5 minute sub frames. Images captured from Clinton, TN.

Located roughly 5,000 light years from earth, the Rosette Nebula is approximately 130 light years in diameter and is home to about 2,500 new born stars in this star forming complex. For a more down to earth factoid, the Rosette Nebula is the official astronomical object of the State of Oklahoma as passed by the Legislature in 2019.

Jul 122022

We had four relatively clear nights in a row. Some didn’t start great but all four produced usable imaging time even if the nights aren’t much more than 4 hours of astronomical darkness this time of year.

A couple shots with the Canon 6D DSLR and a Rokinon 135mm wide open at f/2.

vdB 123 – Taken with FSQ-106ED and QHY268C OSC CMOS Camera on an AP900GTO Mount, 58 x 5min exposures totaling 4.8 Hours Exposure across two nights.

Sh2-136 Taken with FSQ-106ED and QHY268C OSC CMOS Camera on AP900GTO Mount, 79 x 5 minute exposures totaling ~6.6 Hours Exposure time across two nights.

M20 – The Trifid Nebula: ZWO 533C OSC CMOS Camera with AP92 Refractor on Atlas EQ-G Mount. 57 x 5min exposures for a total of 4.75 hours captured across two nights.